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Created on 2010-09-04 08:11:29 (#586170), last updated 2010-09-14 (370 weeks ago)

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Name:McShep Sims
Posting Access:Anybody
A day (or rather moment) in the life of Sim!John and Sim!Rodney. And then another, and another...

This is community is for sharing experiences of your McShep sims.

On topic are:
  • Screenshots of Sim!John and Sim!Rodney

  • Stories about Sim!John and Sim!Rodney

  • Videos about Sim!John and Sim!Rodney

  • Requests for all of the above (for those that don't have The Sims, but would like to see a particular scenario)

Off topic are:
  • General McShep discussion (there are other communities for that: [community profile] mckay_sheppard/[ profile] mckay_sheppard)

  • General Sims discussion (again, there are other communties for that, e.g. [community profile] thesims3)

  • Anything else that's not on topic

  • Use cuts for screenshots and long texts

  • Indicate if something is not safe for work or might otherwise benefit from a warning

  • For requests try to be a bit specific. (There are many ways and places John and Rodney can kiss in The Sims ;) If you're not sure, go ahead and ask and I'll let you know if it's possible

Note: While I own The Sims 2, I only play The Sims 3 where I have all expansions. However all versions of The Sims can be used to share your John/Rodney sim experiences.
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